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How to submit your funfair photo We accept photos by email to contact(at)scotlandsfairgrounds.co.uk please put your name, and the date and location were the photo was taken. It is of interest to our users if you can put details about how the photo was taken or about the funfair illustrated and location. We reserve the right to crop or re-size your image so that it fits the format of our web gallery but will not otherwise alter it. We accept photos illustrating funfair events. Please only send photos taken personally by you, or your family, for non-commercial purposes. All photos in the photo gallery will be fully credited. We keep a record of those who have submitted images that have been shown on the photo gallery in case we get external enquiries about your images. Should this happen we will contact you and pass on the email of the person who has enquired for you to liaise with them directly as you wish.


Peter Morran

Honorary Member of the Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain (Scottish section)