Poem by Clark Macintyre Fairground Life

Poem by Clark Macintyre in his 1st year of high school About Fairground Life

People often ask what life like living on the fairground is, All that people, all the lights and all that sound, My life began there when I was very small, Sitting in my pram watching my gran in her roll a ball stall, Every week i would have to go to a new school, All the local children interested in me and thinking my life is ever so cool, They thought my life was easy and I that I had lots of friends, But I always dreaded when the weekends, Because every week we moved from place to place, The following year I would look for my friends face, As we arrived in a new place, it would be a new adventure and lots of fun, Because there would be all the local children watching as the hard work would be done, Dad would be driving the lorry with my brother on his knee, Mam would be setting out the wagon and trying to make the tea, The stalls and rides would be taken out and built up in the right place, I would briefly stand back and watch the hard work and the pride upon my family’s face, As the final touches where added for the opening night, Making sure every light bulb worked and every cuddly toy sat just right, No matter if they were an argument or if they were any strife, We would put it all behind us and get ready for what we call a showman’s life, All my family’s rushing dinner and getting ready for the night ahead, Putting on your best smile and get ready for those words to be said, The shutters would be lifted, the lighten set would start, All the lights would be flashing, the sound of music and the beating of my heart, The smell of hotdogs and candy floss would be lingering in the air, Family’s waiting excitedly to have lots of fun on MY FAMILYS FAIR

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